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The Arrangement
The Glass-Lite1

The Arrangement and Glass-Lite 1 are designed and tested with the same care that has made all Armstrong displays the leader in the industry. These "open concepts" displays provide for an infinite number of configurations.

Triangular Shelves, Hanging Rails and
Support Rails

By placing a series of shelves in a row, you can create a continuous 21" deep shelf, or you can stagger the shelves at different levels to create interest. Shelves are made of plywood with aluminum edging that interlocks with support rails or hanging rails. Hanging rails are used to display stained glass artwork. With the purchase of hanging rails you can have the best of both worlds, the ability to have shelving and to hang artwork.

The Arrangement


Over 50 Shelf Height Adjustments
Place shelves where you need them. Vary them from show to show or day to day to fit your ever changing needs.

The Glass-Lite 1

Each frame weighs only 9 pounds and each shelf only 6 pounds.

Build, Build, Build
The possibilities are endless. Set-up 3, 4, or 5 panels in any configuration you need.

Specifications for the Arrangement and Glass-Lite 1

Overall Size: 3' 2" wide X 6' 6" tall
Hanging Space: 3' wide X 6' tall
Finish: Clear anodized satin finish
Optional finishes: Powder coated black, white, cream, or bronze.