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The System

The system is the original
Armstrong Products display.
Also available in stackable.

It can be set up in virtually any configuration, depending on the number of panels used. The connectors allow any panel to rotate a full 360 degrees.

Specifications for the System

Overall Size: 3' 2" wide X 6' 6" tall
Weighs 11 Pounds
Each Panel can hold up to 100 Pounds
Hanging Space: 3' wide X 6' tall
Finish: Clear anodized satin finish
Optional finishes: Powder coated black, white, cream, or bronze.




Shown above with the optional artwork hooks and
5' KV standard with a shelf that is adjustable.


Each panel is only 1" thick and they fold flush against each other for transporting.

Completely Modular
Start with any number of panels to fit your current needs and add additional panels as your needs change.

Unique Connector System
Our specially designed 2-way, 3-way and 4-way connectors allow you to create any angle, set up in a perfect square or turn a 90 degree angle.
 Each frame can rotate a full 360 degrees on our unique hinge connectors. You can make these displays fit virtually any size or shape of space.

Build, Build, Build
The possibilities are endless. Set-up 3, 4, or 5 panels in any configuration you need.